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FFO: english singer-songwriter låpsley makes house music for those who enjoy a quiet night in

Born in York, England, Låpsley began sneaking out of her home in Southport, England to attend any and every rave she could in nearby Liverpool at the age of thirteen.

Now 24, Låpsley has already performed at major music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury, and has just released her sophomore effort, Through Water. Her debut album had critics raving, but there were worries that, while the sound she had adopted on Long Way Home would shoot her straight to stardom (many dubbed her the new Adele), she might have to forfeit her originality to maintain it. Låpsley did not have to give any part of herself up in order to maintain that stardom - in fact, to the contrary. I mean it when I say that she's going to become a household name. She's making accessible house music (so accessible that even I, someone who does not like house music in the slightest, loves her) and she's doing it in such an ingenious way that her sound is immediately recognizable as unique.

If you like bands like Christine and the Queens, Broods, and Wet, I guarantee you'll love the music that Låpsley makes. I've spent the last couple of weeks truly familiarizing myself with her discography, and I'm truly disappointed that we're all stuck in our houses, because I want to be in front of a stage, dancing my heart out to "Womxn" and "Our Love is a Garden" more than anything in the world right now. Although no one has gigs coming up (which is such a shame - I hope Låpsley gets to give this album the world tour it deserves), you can still keep up with everything she has planned on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and her website - including a monthly radio show, THE Å LIST, back this Friday, May 1st, from 4-5pm GMT.

Do yourself a favor this week and listen to Through Water all the way through - you'll be a better person for it!

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