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  • Toni Bacon

REVIEW: Britpop-punk baby YNES's new single "Better Job" is outstanding rock and roll

Pop-punk princess YNES is making waves for all the right reasons. In her new single, “Better Job," she claps back at the UK government for telling artists to retrain and get a better job during the pandemic.

“Retrain me, teach me how to be / a morally upstanding member of society….” She sings. The implication is that musicians aren’t a valued member of “society” and they can just train for that “better job” at will.

YNES is bright and angry and she channels all that righteous anger and talent into a brilliant middle finger to the man, all in under three minutes.

YNES is indeed making waves - on her own terms - and winning over legions of new fans from all over the globe. She is definitely one to watch.

"Better Job" can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. Find her at @ynesmusic on both Instagram and Twitter.

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