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REVIEW: "Losing Sleep," the newest single from Scottish alt-pop newcomer, Dylan Fraser

"Losing Sleep," the newest release from Scottish alt-pop artist Dylan Fraser (who's slowly but surely becoming one of the most exciting artists of 2020 and one to watch going into 2021), sees him at arguably his most refined - hot off the heels of his debut EP, The Storm, this track takes all of the best parts of his previous releases and elaborates effortlessly on them. Fraser's vocals are at the forefront of most of his work, but "Losing Sleep" is a bit more stripped back - raw - than anything on the EP.

"Oh, I, I wish that I could go back / to those days where I was losing teeth / instead of losing sleep," Fraser sings, serenading us. This track is vulnerable and relatable and - like everything else he's released - unbeatable.

On the new track, Fraser says, “Losing Sleep finds me reminiscing about being a child; missing being so carefree and having no stress or worries. When you’re young, you are so optimistic and you’re not really aware of any negativity. Growing up can be confusing and the world isn’t this big amazing place that sometimes it’s made out to be - that was hard to wrap my head around.”

"Losing Sleep" is, in my opinion, a very important point in Dylan Fraser's career - he's just released his debut EP, and this track is his push into a very distinct direction with his sound. It's clear that he's unimaginably talented, and that he's not slowing down any time soon.

You can watch the visualizer for the track below:

Dylan Fraser can be found on Twitter and Instagram. His debut EP, The Storm, and this latest release can all be streamed wherever you listen to music.

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