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REVIEW: the surprise new single from vistas, "stranger"

"Stranger" is everything we've come to love from Vistas. It's got an uplifting, head-bobbing beat that's been coupled with lyrics so real that you can't help but passionately sing along to. The first thirty seconds build the song, with each element coming in one by one until it all about explodes into its true indie pop anthem form.

Though the song itself is unequivocally Vistas, upbeat and made for festivals,

it actually details a breakup. As you can imagine, this is not your usual breakup song, and for that I'm thankful. It deals with being blindsided by a split, the subsequent feelings it causes, and then seeing that ex three months later. Lead singer Prentice Robertson takes us through this all with punchy vocals that deliver the right amount of bite when needed. A fact that, for me, makes the lyrics a whole lot better.

In this, I think they are at their best, delivery-wise and lyrically. Lines such as, “But

I'm persuaded that it won't work / it's for the worst,” and “Living for the world that you showed me / Stay a little longer and hold me,” have stuck with me, standing out more and more with each listen.

For a surprise single, Vistas have smashed all expectations for "Stranger." This is a song you'll have on repeat for days.

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