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SINGLE REVIEW: sea girls release first single off debut album, titled "do you really wanna know?"

With the release of their EP fresh in the minds of their fans, Sea Girls have done us all a favor and released another incredible tune for the summer. "Do You Really Wanna Know?" - premiered on the 29th of April as Annie Mac's Hottest Record in the World - perfectly encapsulates exactly what Sea Girls do best - punchy, upbeat songs that you don't even realize have a serious theme until you've already been dancing for twenty minutes. Then they make you sit down and think. "Do You Really Wanna Know?" is about overthinking yourself into a corner, and trying to find solice in a partner, but being afraid to open yourself up to them.

Sea Girls were my very first FFO feature because I absolutely love them to bits. I know for a fact that they are going to get very big, very soon, and I'm excited to watch them grow. They've announced their rescheduled headlining dates in November (I'm hoping we get US dates soon!) and the Birmingham date is already sold out. They're the next Dork cover stars (I, personally, look up to Dork very much and feel very validated in my love for Sea Girls now).

Their debut album, Open Up Your Head, is out the 14th of August, and available for preorder now. You can keep up with Sea Girls on Twitter and Instagram!

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