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REVIEW: baby queen's highly-anticipated track, "want me," is finally here

Having only just recently joined the Baby Kingdom, I haven't been one of the fans who's spent the last couple (?) of months (??) waiting for "Want Me," but I'll certainly be joining them in listening to it on repeat.

Baby Queen (aka Bella Latham) is one of the wittiest and most relatable artists of our generation. She's never been one to censor herself, known for her sharp lyricism (c'mon, who else do you know would straight up tell America "he's your president because you voted for him"?) and catchy choruses. "Want Me" was written about an actor in one of Baby Queen's favorite television shows - this actor became the object of her fantasies quite quickly, it seems.

She told Dork that it's "a bit of a sonic tantrum," and honestly, if that doesn't describe this song - and most of Baby Queen's discography - to a T. But in a fantastique way. "And it's so typical of me to get so easily obsessed / But in my head we're in my bedroom and you're getting undressed," the first verse reads, and the rest of the song has her grappling with said obsession. There's not a single twenty-something-year-old who can't still relate to having an unrequited, unattainable crush on a celebrity. If Harry Styles walked into a coffee shop I was in, I would absolutely act mysterious so he'd think I was interesting. Am I ashamed to admit that? Maybe! It's likely a universal sentiment. "Want Me" makes me feel less insane to think back on all of the celebrities I would've dropped everything for.

Check out the new music video for "Want Me" below! It's a glam pop identity crisis and, quite frankly, a dream. Baby Queen can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and - wait for it - Tumblr. Her new EP, Medicine, is out everywhere tomorrow.

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