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buzzkill writer cherri cheetah has started her own publication. meet THE CHEETAH PRESS on 6/28.

The Cheetah Press is an online rock magazine, it is “a space to amplify the voices of those who belong to the new rock culture.” What I mean by that is those who aren’t just the musicians that make up the three bands in the rock movement known as New Rock Mafia (NRM) and associated acts; I mean that everyone who's a part of the scene. The fans, the artists, the photographers, the writers, the budding musicians, the techies — it's everyone who’s in it, everyone who supports and loves the music just as equally as the musicians. It’s for all of these people to have a place to showcase their work if they choose to and to have a platform for their voice, to amplify the one they already have or to make space for one they weren't confident enough to have before. It’s inspired by Buzzkill and what it’s done for me, along with New Rock Mafia — by everyone I’ve met through that movement.

My entire life, I’ve been completely devoted to whatever band I loved in all different periods growing up; the genre of bands ranging from punk to pop. Give me an age and I’ll give you a band I loved at that time. Right now, at age 21, rock music is firmly my everything. I love it more than anything else. I’ve also always been a reader and a writer, feverishly reading not only novels but teen magazine after teen magazine for articles about my favorite bands.That fever has turned into rock biographies and rock magazines now. I’ve always wanted to support my favorite bands in a way that’s official, a way that’s past a couple of tweets, past a couple of Tumblr posts, in a way that is real and impactful. I see something special in every musician I love, something so important in the music they make and I want the whole world to know. I want the whole world to feel as deeply for them as I do.

I want to share the music I love so much with everyone else, the music that makes me truly happy, and if I can help the people who create the music that makes me feel that way continue to do so, then that’s everything to me. If I can help someone else find a new favorite band, a new favorite song that makes them happy, that makes them want to hold on, that makes them inspired, then that’s everything to me. It’s why I made The Cheetah Press, to do all of this in an official way to support the musicians I love so much and everyone else surrounding them, because I think they’re equally important to the music too. To keep the scene alive, to keep the music going, that’s my goal with The Cheetah Press.

Buzzkill magazine gave me a place for my voice through two things I love the most — writing and rock music. I hope with The Cheetah Press I’m giving that back into the world. I want to do what Emily Marshman (founder of Buzzkill) did for me for others. I love rock music, I love the music with everything I have, everything I am is because of the music. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, and if you can relate, if you love the same music I do, maybe The Cheetah Press is for you. It’s got all the heart of the 70’s rock ‘n roll scene and all the assertion of punk. It’s honest and unmerciful. It’s supportive and understanding. It's The Cheetah Press, it’s “a space to amplify the voices of those who belong to the new rock culture.” If you resonate with any of this, then The Cheetah Press is for you.

You can find The Cheetah Press on Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. The official launch is June 28th, 2020.

Cherri Cheetah lives in New York, loves red lipstick, Nirvana, and oversized soft sweaters. You can find her on Instagram @cherricheetah or in the poetry section of a bookstore.

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