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camp crystal lake mixtape: a buzzkill playlist

picture this: it's 1979 and you're in the passenger seat of your parents' '76 oldsmobile vista cruiser. you’re oblivious to the carnage you’re about to bear witness to. all you can think about is that your mom's got the radio on and you don't care much for whatever it is she likes to listen to. you brought along your cassette player, and you put your earphones on. this is what's on your tape.

- side a -

1. highway to hell by ac/dc

2. london calling by the clash

3. runnin’ with the devil by van halen

4. because the night by patti smith

5. paper by the talking heads

6. dreams by fleetwood mac

- side b -

1. (don’t fear) the reaper by blue oyster cult

2. the chain by fleetwood mac

3. message in a bottle by the police

4. i want you to want me by cheap trick

5. hot-blooded by foreigner

6. heroes by david bowie

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