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circa waves release new ep ‘what’s that left over there'

Cover image by @alexjayphoto.

Liverpool-based four-piece Circa Waves surprised Twitter last night with the announcement that today they’d be releasing something new for all our little ears.


The EP comes on the heels of their Reading and Leeds appearances over the last weekend. According to the band, the two new songs, “Something More” and “Hunters,” were tracks left off of “What’s It Like Over There.” 

“Something More” is a synth-filled hopeless romantic’s daydream, and every single part of me knows this is my new favorite song from Circa Waves. “Hunters” is a laid-back, calming track, more hopeful romantic than hopeless, in all honesty. I was more drawn to the former when I first listened, but now I’m absolutely floored by both. This band never ceases to amaze with the way they weave incredible instrumentals and equally impressive lyrics together to make music that somehow manages to help me better understand myself every time I hear it. 

I can see why these tracks were left off of the album, though - they stand out from the rest of “What’s It Like Over There,” and feel very much out of sync with the surf rock vibe the album aligns with, not that it’s a bad thing. 

The acoustic version of “Times Won’t Change Me” hits as deeply as the original, and the piano version of “The Way We Say Goodbye” might hit even deeper. 

I love this band and am very biased toward them, meaning I love both new tracks and the reimaginings of “Times Won’t Change Me” and “The Way We Say Goodbye” very much. Give the new EP a listen below!

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