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FFO: dublin-based garage punk, tv people

I'm not sure if you've noticed - or if you even knew you needed to be paying attention - but the recent (and by recent I mean within the last few years) outpouring of incredibly talented, young acts from Ireland has been astounding. It's like they're stockpiling talent and keeping it from the rest of the world. I'm not mad about it.

Dublin's TV People are one such act - despite only having formed in early 2019, it's clear that they've been hard at work cementing their place in the punk scene, taking it step by step on their journey to uncovering and honing their sound. This is not, however, a unique observation on my end. It seems I'm the last journalist in the world for this band to pleasantly surprise, but somehow they're not on every music lover's radar. This is my official request for that to change right now.

TV People's latest release, "Nothing More," is a masterful step in the aforementioned journey. It's a grainy and bright tune, mixing light, lilting guitar with a deep bassline and lead singer Paul Donohoe's baritone vocals serenading us about the "method and the meaninglessness" of human existence. It can be truly exhausting sometimes simply living life day by day, not knowing why you're here or what you're meant for - especially during a global pandemic, when you can't really move forward with anything in your life - and this song captures that pretty much perfectly.

If you like bands like Fontaines D.C., Interpol, or The Ninth Wave, you'll really appreciate the music that TV People are churning out. The band have been hard at work writing and recording in lockdown, and are currently promoting the life out of this new single, which, in my opinion, has potential to elevate them even higher as a band. They can be found on Twitter and Instagram - keep up with them so you won't be left out of the loop when they put out new music!

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