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FFO: fun and fresh portsmouth natives, FLOWVERS

A couple of weeks ago, FLOWVERS' "Throwaway Generation" was the last track on my Discover Weekly playlist and from my first listen I knew I had to introduce you all to them.

Formed in 2016, FLOWVERS have been consistently releasing tracks that signify their growth, sonically and personally, and that have been reeling fans in - they now have a solid nearly 12k monthly listeners on Spotify and "Fresh Air," their debut single, now has almost 500,000 streams. Their first two releases secured support slots for indie giants like JAWS, Swim Deep, and Black Honey - this year, their headlining tour was cut short due to COVID, but they anticipate being able to head back out early next year.

Their latest release, an EP titled Throwaway Generation, is an exceptional body of work about what it means to be a part of the generation who, because of our predecessors, feel as if we have no say. This is their way of ensuring their voice won't go unheard. The band lists The Stone Roses and The Cure as two of their influences, as well as the genres dreampop and shoegaze, and it's impossible to unhear that influence once you've listened to them a few times.

If you like guitar music with a hint of indie pop that doesn't hold back, you'll love FLOWVERS. I haven't been able to stop listening to them lately and would highly recommend adding them to your daily rotation as well.

FLOWVERS can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Their remaining headlining dates have been rescheduled to February and March of 2021, so if you live in the UK, see if you'll be able to catch them out on that. They've got new music in the works as well, which I'm beyond stoked for. Keep an eye on them, you won't want to miss anything they do!

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