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FFO: welsh punk band panic shack

Never before have I introduced you all to a more matter-of-fact band. Trust me on this.

Panic Shack are a DIY fem punk band from Cardiff, Wales, comprised of Sarah Harvey (vocals), Meg Fretwell (guitar/backing vocals), Romi Lawrence (guitar/backing vocals), Em Smith (bass), and David Bassey (drums). They formed toward the tail end of 2018 because they were sick and tired of being the only non-men in their music scene: “We started the band because we’d spent years going to gigs supporting our indie boy bandmates,” explained Lawrence to God is in the TV. “One day we thought, ‘why aren’t we doing this ourselves, surely it can’t be that hard?’. In the beginning, we just wanted to give it a go and have a bit of a laugh, but now we can hopefully show people that music doesn’t have to feel like a ‘members-only club’ or as something that is out-of-reach. If we can do it, literally anyone can!”

Panic Shack's visuals are equally as punk as their music - all harsh pinks and blacks, the deep contrast purposefully and sincerely harsh. According to the band, "key influences include The Slits, ESG, The Clash, Talking Heads, Confidence Man, The Chats," which is quite evident in their music. Both their newest track, "Jiu Jits You," and their debut, "Who's Got My Lighter?" will rip the skin off of your blisters, they're so in-your-face. "Jiu Jits You," with its traditionally punk riffs and that half-yelling, half-singing way about it that wakes you right up, was Jack Saunders's "Next Wave" track the week of June 6th. I promise I'm not behind - I've just been holding onto them until I thought you all could handle them.

Although they only have two officially released tracks, it's quite clear that everything that's coming from this band is going to be absolutely face-melting.

You can find and keep up with Panic Shack on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Pay attention to them, because there's no way they don't blow up soon!

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