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maggie rogers teases new single, earns grammy nomination for ‘best new artist’

as grammy nominations roll in on this fine wednesday morning, i’d like to take a moment to talk about maggie rogers’s heard it in a past life. maggie herself has been nominated for best new artist by the recording academy, and rightfully so. she’s been touring nonstop since autumn of last year, promoting her singles and then her debut album all across the globe, first in north america all last fall, the uk + eu this spring with mumford and sons, then onto australia, and then another north american run throughout the summer and into fall 2019. maggie’s always been a cut above the rest, but one thing that really set her apart from other artists was the fact that, at every single one of her shows, she’s had booths set up alongside her merch for planned parenthood and headcount to encourage her fans to register to vote and to get involved in both organizations. she’s certainly worthy of her best new artist nomination and, though she’s up against the likes of billie eilish, lil nas x, and lizzo, i hope she wins. she deserves it.

yesterday - tuesday - maggie posted a tweet with these handwritten lyrics and captioned it “love you for a long time / thursday 🌹”:

(I feel it in my body / know it in my mind / oh I - I’m gonna / love you for a long time)

so it seems as if we’ll be getting a new song from the queen witch herself tomorrow. stay tuned for a review if that’s the case!

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