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REVIEW: Annie DiRusso's new track, "Nine Months," is a loud and cathartic breakup tune

Nashville-based indie rockstar Annie DiRusso’s latest single “Nine Months” is a breakup track to kick you in the chest. The song is cathartic, to say the least. While writing this piece up, I gave it the true test - I blasted it in my car while I sped down the interstate. By the end, I was screaming along with Annie (don’t you ever say we were in love!), so it’s safe to say that it’s interstate approved.

The lyrics are an honest lament about the regret faced after staying in a relationship that was not beneficial to yourself, something that I’m sure a lot of us can relate to. We never realize we’re in the trenches ‘til we’re out of ‘em, and this track does an incredible job of reflecting on that.

If there’s one thing Annie DiRusso’s gonna do, it’s give you a killer rocker exit. Similar to previous single, “Judgements from the World’s Greatest Band,” “Nine Months” ends with a jump in the guitars and drums. This is a song I cannot wait to see live, and I hope DiRusso extends the ending and adds some heavier elements when she and her band do eventually play it live! Until then, I’ll keep cranking my car stereo up.

Annie DiRusso can be found on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and her website. You won't want to lose track of her! Fingers crossed we see an album soon.

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