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REVIEW: Baby Queen’s new coming-of-age anthem, “Raw Thoughts”

Baby Queen (aka Bella Latham) always manages to make the mundanity of growing up feel effervescent, and her new single ‘Raw Thoughts’ is no exception. Latham’s vocals are dreamy, with just enough edge, as she builds up the mood of the song – and when the chorus kicks in, it’s impossible not to dance to.

The thing that stands out about Bella is that she has her aesthetics nailed. It’s fresh, unique, and relatable. I’m pretty sure that everyone, upon discovering Baby Queen’s discography, will have to take a moment to process how cool she is (like, seriously, she’s an absolute rockstar).

In the music video accompanying ‘Raw Thoughts’, Bella and a group of friends are dancing through the streets and having pillow fights in an empty bar – it’s the perfect picture of youth as they drink by the ocean and spin around in shopping trolleys like they’re the new generation in the British TV series ‘Skins’.

Throughout these montages of fun, there are sobering shots of Latham crying by herself or shouting in rage under neon light. It’s a reflection of the highs and lows; ‘Raw Thoughts’ tricks us with its cheerful melody as the lyrics narrate the feeling of regret when you take it too far on a night out. Singing “I’m thinking about you and you’re thinking about sex”, Baby Queen sums up the reality of unrequited feelings so perfectly and bluntly that I couldn’t help but fall in love with her writing.

Whether you’re dancing around your room with a hairbrush as a microphone, or crying about every mistake you’ve ever made, ‘Raw Thoughts’ is an essential for every playlist.

Caitlin Taff is a writer and Taylor Swift enthusiast from Sheffield, UK. Her love of writing was inspired by obsessing over Fall Out Boy's lyricism in her teens, and she spends most of her time in a nostalgic haze watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @caitlintxff.

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