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REVIEW: "best direction," the newest release from zig mentality

"Best Direction" is the latest release from Canadian DIY punk trio, ZIG MENTALITY. The single dropped on November 20th, 2020, and it's their first release since THE SESH, their debut EP which came earlier this year. ZIG MENTALITY are made up of brothers Jig Dubé (bass, lead vocals), Liam Dubé (lead guitar), and Quinn Dubé (drums, backing vocals). "Best Direction" is a 100% ZIG MENTALITY production, recorded in their home studio. "Best Direction" is fantastic and I'm obsessed with it. It's meant to be heard live, meant to be heard at a volume so loud you feel the vibrations of it under your skin. All of ZIG's music has a loud, very Rage Against The Machine reminiscent "I won't do what you tell me," vibe, and this track is no different. ZIG MENTALITY boast themselves as being DIY & real, and while that's exactly what they are, "Best Direction" makes it clearer than ever before.

"Best Direction" was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered entirely by ZIG MENTALITY themselves - no influence from their label at all, no executives hung over their shoulders while creating this track; it was just the band alone in their home studio. To quote Jig Dubé himself — "This track is what ZIG MENTALITY sounds like when you tell the A&Rs, producers, and engineers to keep their habitual, over-practiced pieces of advice to themselves. You can make the argument that many bands "lose control of their direction," as their careers progress and more people get involved, but you can't make that argument about ZIG (Mentality)." ZIG MENTALITY aren't a band interested in being controlled or manhandled, they know what they're about and they definitely have the skills, drive, and passion necessary to achieve it.

They're honest and they're real, traits hard to find these days in the mess of influencer culture & popstars becoming rockstars for a season.

"Best Direction" is a powerful, almost motivational track, filled with classic punk rock riffs, speaking not only to their label but expressing themselves to the listener about who they are and what they want. ZIG MENTALITY aren't afraid to be themselves and speak for themselves. They "... just wanna feel the world keep spinning," a line I take as wanting their lives to keep going and not feel as if it's being put on pause by something or someone, like quarantine or executives from a label telling them no. They're going to keep making music, doing what they love the most, no matter what it takes, against everything telling them not to. They're prepared to take the world – and their music most especially – into their own hands, and that's exactly what they did with this track. That bravery, that energy & confidence is something I deeply respect and admire.

ZIG MENTALITY have had a strong year from the very start of it - debuting as ZIG MENTALITY in January, a new band name opposed to their old one, dubé, then dropping THE SESH EP in April under Republic Records. They went on to spend the rest of spring & the summer performing their catalogue live on Instagram whilst working on new music, all of it leading up to the drop of "Best Direction," signifying both literally and figuratively that they're heading towards a new direction, what they feel is the best direction for them. A new direction independent from their label, completely & wholly ZIG MENTALITY, one that I'm beyond excited for. Whatever 2021 brings for ZIG MENTALITY, I'm here for it.

Listen to "Best Direction" on Spotify here or on whichever streaming platform you prefer. Follow ZIG MENTALITY on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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