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REVIEW: "Cedar," the newest single from lotusbliss

Cedar sounds like tranquillity, like you’ve taken a solo walk in the rain through the most beautiful wooded area. It is instantly ambient and calming – transporting you to nature in such a way that it feels like you could reach out and feel the bark of a tree.

The band themselves is made up of three brothers from Kent, England who have taken the indie-rock genre and one-upped it. They don’t shy away from astounding soundscapes and making even the most unassuming of subjects, like a cedar tree, into an important concept.

This is a love song, essentially, to how the nostalgia of a childhood memory can stick with you, made apparent by the chorus: ‘Not exactly a monument / Comically unimportant / How did something so uninspired / (become) so close to my heart / So close to my heart.’ lotusbliss have such a way with lyrics that it’s impossible to not attach your own memories to the song: ‘Cedar / Like a fire’s glow in the winter / The familiar voice of a stranger / You left your mark on me there.’

lotusbliss can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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