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REVIEW: "comfort," the latest single from scottish indie band vistas

Vistas have this way of coming for your neck with hard-hitting lyrics but disguising them with big indie-rock backing music. What results is this weird, yet wonderful, state of being where you’re going through it emotionally but with a smile and a dance.

They could not have released this latest surprise single, "Comfort," at a better time. Pinned as a bonus track for LP Everything Changes in the End, this single sees Vistas win us over once more with this scarily accurate commentary on the way the world is now. In true Vistas fashion, it’s packaged as a song you can’t help tapping along to and gives me clear visions of that classic festival scene of a girl covered in glitter, wearing a bucket hat, on the shoulders of a friend, smiling and singing along to the live music.

It’s a song that does exactly what it says on the tin, which is comfort. However, it’s comforting in the tough love sense. It forces you to look at the state of society, capitalism, and even yourself, and face facts: “Try love yourself // How are you meant to love yourself // When pictures tell you’re wrong?” but reminding us that we aren’t alone in that feeling of ‘oh god, everything is awful and I have it fix it immediately.’ They are there in the next breath to remind us that solace can be found: “The feeling comes around again // Stuck to the ceiling and you won’t contain // So you believe a truth you can’t explain // When you find comfort you will find a way.”

By backing it with ear-catching melodies and a steady bassline, they’ve created the perfect addition to Everything Changes and given us light in this continued time of unrest. I think that’s the ethos of Vistas: the recognition and reassurance that you’re not the only one facing tough times, but why not dance it all away? This is what shines through the most with "Comfort" and it came at the ideal time.

Vistas can be found on Twitter and Instagram and, if their previous pattern of only informing us of single drops the day before is proof of anything, you'll want to be keeping up with them.

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