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REVIEW: doncaster's finest, the outcharms, release their newest single, "to be young and in love"

The newest offering from britpop four-piece The Outcharms, "To Be Young and in Love," sees the band at arguably their most light-hearted, this new approach that they're taking to their own sound reflecting how they've been feeling lately. We're all in desperate need of a little escapism right now, and The Outcharms are happily indulging us.

Having garnered over 150,000 streams on their last two singles alone, there's no doubt in their minds (or mine) that "To Be Young and in Love" will premiere even bigger. It's a new approach to songwriting for the four-piece that will hopefully see the immense success that they've seen in their hometown spread throughout the rest of the UK.

"It makes my stomach somersault / at the notion that you could leave / ah, to be young and in love," vocalist Curtis Cooper croons, and who hasn't also felt this way? On the single, he says, "We’ve always wanted progress in terms of our sound with each new tune, I think. The poppy, jangly sound is something that is quite prevalent in all our influences, so it made sense to explore that side of things. The lyrics are quite cynical, if I’m honest. You think everything is a fairy tale when you’re young and it hits home when you realize that life isn’t like that. But this world still needs its dreamers, probably more so now than ever before..." Now that the world is essentially on pause, it seems like a lot of musicians have been experimenting with new sounds, and have come out even better than before for it on the other side.

I know that it's impossible to be able to listen to all of the great music being made right now - trust me, I'm working on it - but you're like horses being led straight to water with this one. The Outcharms are not a band you want to miss out on. They can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

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