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REVIEW: "Feeling Lonely," the newest from Liverpool-based The Let Go

Liverpool-based duo The Let Go are marrying 80s synth and glam, 90s/00s references and aesthetics, along with modern indie-pop in their debut EP Feeling Lonely. They’ve been building a listenership since 2019 by somehow tapping into the vein of what’s popular and adapting that with their insane musical talent. There is something for everyone on Feeling Lonely, from ballads to indie-pop to girl power anthems.

The title track, “City of Angels”, reaches out to those of us who have the desire to live in LA, specifically to be friends with certain stars: ‘I’m in love with Cole Sprouse / Reading Vogue on my couch / He’s the one I’d want to be friends with,’ and ‘I’m in love with Posty / His life is sweet like Cody’s / They’re the ones I’d want to be friends with.’

“marie” is the answer to what if Olivia Rodrigo was inspired by synth-pop instead? It deals with scorned love and how it feels to see your ex with someone else: ‘I hope she gives you everything you need,’ and ‘You like her plastic face and her chest she just bought / But you could not replace all the things you just lost.’

“WOMAN” is an empowering anthem about what it means to be a woman and having the power to say ‘no.’ It details the decisions that come with deciding if you do or don’t want to sleep with a man: ‘Laying in his bed / And you really don’t want to go / And fuck him again / You don’t / And you won’t.’ It’s about giving yourself the power to not do anything you don’t want to do: ‘You’re a girl that grows / Stronger than any drink / Dripping down his throat.’

Watch this space, The Let Go are about to blow up. They can be found on Twitter and Instagram, and their music can be streamed on your preferred service.

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