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  • Joe Callon

REVIEW: "Glowing in the Dark," the fantastic new album from Django Django

Django Django are doing their best to rescue you from a world they could never have predicted. A band that have been quietly bobbing along under the surface of the British indie and art rock scene, coming up for air most recently with 2018's Marble Skies, the London quartet make their return with another science fiction-laden album - this time demanding your attention with a vibrant urgency missing until now.

The title track stands out with its fiery garage beat built around frontman Vinny Neff's ethereal vocals, overlaying and flowing into nothing short of a nightclub floor-filler, pausing only to swell back into itself. It feels like a song that may never end, and you wouldn't want it to.

As the album bounces between genres, they dive deeper into psychedelia without completely losing touch with reality. "Hold Fast," the penultimate track, is glued together by a distinctive funk bass line that could have been transplanted from Kevin Parker's latest project.

From the opening psych-dive "Spirals," the band grab you by the lapels and throw you without much regard into their world of parallel fantasy. While the album was born in a pre-pandemic world, single "Free From Gravity" appears over the horizon, an escapist's anthem driven by leaping synths and metronome clicks that seemingly foreshadowed the alternate reality that came to life in 2020.

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