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REVIEW: happydaze release their heartfelt new song, "All Away"

“All Away” sits somewhere between the lyrical stylings of Bearings, the atmosphere building abilities of Grayscale, with additional touches of their own shoegaze melodies. What these components amount to is a song with heart and a message.

The band say themselves that it “revolves around the feelings and tendencies that attachment and co-dependency produce, the importance of self-worth and allowance to remove yourself from a situation to breathe.” This is apparent in the lyrics, as we’re shown into the battle the narrator faces: ‘I think you’ve got me thinking / I’m comfortable with sinking / Cause all I do is care about you,’ and ‘I blinked and now you’re leaving / You owe me something to believe in.’ The desperation to escape the clutches of attachment and co-dependency come through in heavy, grungy guitars and melodies that know exactly when to rise and fall.

You’ll want to keep your eyes on happydaze. They can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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