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REVIEW: "International Dial Tones," the new single from Reminders

2023 has started off with a bang, all thanks to Reminders. Following on from the sensational Best of Beach Punk, the band is back with their newest single, "International Dial Tones." It explores themes visited in their debut, but with more polish, punk, and heart.

After hearing this song for the first time almost a year ago when I attended their February tour, it’s an understatement to say I’ve been excitedly waiting for a studio version. However, it’s certainly been worth the wait.

"International Dial Tones" tells the story of a long-distance relationship ending and the difficulties that arise from them: “You say you feel like hanging up / Now you never pick up / Or even return my calls.” Lyrically, they’ve come a long way in such a short amount of time, considering the vulnerability that shone through throughout Best of Beach Punk. This song is equal amounts wistful and angry: “I hope you're doing okay / But in a masochistic way / I'm waiting for you to fall,” set to a backdrop of enthralling skate punk.

My favourite part of the song comes about halfway in when it stops to let a real dial tone play before getting right back into the swing of things. It’s a small, playful moment that displays just how far Reminders have come, how they’ve mastered toeing the line between polished and punk in perfect measure.

It doesn’t need explaining how much I love and believe in this band and hearing this song feels like a culmination of those feelings. It’s a sense validation because "International Dial Tones" is that good. It’s outrageous, fun, and an earworm. My challenge (which, in the best way, I hope you fail) is to try listening to it once without putting it on repeat – it’s impossible.

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