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REVIEW: Isle of Wight's resident Beach Punks, Reminders, are back with a brand new single

It’s an immense pleasure being able to follow beach punk trio Reminders on their journey into the stratosphere and the latest offering from their debut album shows us they have no sign of slowing down.

Though it is a more vulnerable and, at times, heart-breaking song than we’re used to from Reminders, If You Want It (Don’t Let Me Down) still packs a hefty punch. I think that makes it even more gut-wrenching in a way – there’s a lot of powerful emotions fighting their way to the surface, and you can hear them clearly throughout.

At its core, it’s a love song that’s been dressed up in frustrated clothes. You can feel the care and yearning in the lyrics as if they’re your own: “But you deserve so much better / And I said I’d never let you forget it.” In the next second, the accompanying breakneck guitars and drums will have your blood pumping and heart racing as the frustration almost explodes.

It’s funny that the song starts with the words “I’m not trying to blow you away,” as that is exactly what happens when you listen to If You Want It (Don’t Let Me Down). This song will blow you away as if it’s completely effortless and have you reaching to play it again as soon as it’s finished.

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