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REVIEW: LA's Moontower release catchy first single off of their debut record, 'State of Mind'

Moontower are one of the most exciting pop hybrid bands making music right now, in my opinion. Their most recent release, 'State of Mind' - which they put out on the 5th of May - is an upbeat, catchy tune all about how life is genuinely what you make it.

"Maybe this is better, maybe it's all we've got, maybe we're just taking it day by day by day," frontman Jacob Culver Berger sings leading into the chorus, reminding himself - and all of us - that nobody really knows how all of this works, and it's alright to pick it up as you go.

This being the first single off of their upcoming debut full-length, I anticipate a lot more excitement from them very soon.

You can find Moontower on Instagtram @thisismoontower and on Twitter @thisismoontower!

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