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REVIEW: "let me inside your head," the unreal first release from swim school in a year

"let me inside your head" is the latest track from Edinburgh, UK band swim school, a 4-piece rock band consisting of members Alice Johnson, Lewis Bunting, Matt Mitchell, and Billy McMahon. "let me inside your head" is their first release in over a year, and precedes their forthcoming EP later this year.

"let me inside your head" is a track that's reminiscent of 90s grunge rock, a sound that's fresh and captivating. It's about the narrator asking to be metaphorically inside someone's head – possibly a lover, a friend, to relieve them from the mental pain they're experiencing. It's knowing someone you care for deeply is struggling with their mental health, and all you want to do is help them. You want to take their mental pain and absorb it, like werewolves in the TV show Teen Wolf can do with physical pain, feeling these heavy emotions yourself instead of them. It's a very intimate, heartfelt sentiment.

I love the track's meaning and sound. I myself struggle with mental illness (/health), and so do some of the people I love, so I can relate in both ways. I feel as the narrator does in "let me inside your head," about the ones I love who are struggling with dark thoughts; I wish I could take their pain away, and bear it instead of them. I can assume it's a mutual feeling with my friends for me as well, which makes me emotional. This song is personal for me, and is genuinely so meaningful. Some songs hit harder than others, and come in your life at exactly the right time, "let me inside your head" is an example of one of those songs. That's the beauty of music – its ability to accurately capture how you feel, in ways that are as if they're your words, from your own head.

"let me inside your head" is a beautiful track, from its sound to its lyrics. It has that 90s grunge rock sound, and with honest, personal lyrics to match, it's just everything that I love and seek out in music. swim school will release an EP later this year, and I can't wait to hear it.

The band can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @weareswimschool.

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