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REVIEW: "Life In Stereo," the latest rollicking offering from Liverpool's Pixey

"Life In Stereo" is the newest track from Chess Records signee Pixey, an artist whose career trajectory has been an absolute pleasure to watch. It's the latest in a long line of free-wheeling, rollicking singles, fully cementing Pixey's already-set-in-stone standing as one of the best and most exciting pop artists of 2021.

This track reminds me of the light, free-flowing radio pop released in the late 90s and early 2000s - "Fly" by Sugar Ray was honestly the comparison that came to mind on first listen. I can practically picture the music video it would've been given then - a group of girls on the beach, watching surfers and wake-boarders, dancing to the last chorus before tumbling to the ground in a heap of giggles while the camera pans away from them to an extended outro.

According to the artist, this track was "the first tune I wrote & recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. I finished writing it in a day - we started the tune from scratch in the morning and I added some of my own production & finished the lyrics in the evening. I love writing about the way music makes you feel, and "Life In Stereo" is exactly that. I’m surrounded by music all the time so I wanted an upbeat, uncomplicated tune about quite literally being the music."

In my opinion, it's important that we get uncomplicated as often as we get introspective and hard-hitting, especially at times like these. People need music that makes them feel free just as much as we need music that makes us think hard about human existence. Balance is key.

"Life In Stereo" is the second track released from what Pixey announced today will be her second EP of the year, "Sunshine State," out October 29th on Chess Club Records.

Liverpool alt-pop artist Pixey, sitting in grass with a bouquet of lilies, one hand stretched toward the camera.
Photo credit Amir Hossain (@blackksocks).

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