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REVIEW: Lizzie Loveless’s “Window” is romantic and unsettling

Good news for sad indie pop girls everywhere: Lizzie Loveless is here for you. The third single from the ex-TEEN member’s forthcoming debut album You Don’t Know is a mournful but catchy ode to the confusion of post-breakup life. If Mitski’s “Nobody” is the go-to bop for those who have never experienced the kind of desire they so crave, “Window” is what happens after you do and it all comes crashing down.

At first, “Window” is unassuming; a repetitive synth-line with Lizzie’s vocals layered overhead. Only after about a minute does the beat kick in, then the bass line, then the harmonized vocals… The slow burn is worth it, though. Once you’re in those “I’m looking for you / (Looking for you) / Looking for you”’s, it’s impossible to turn back. It’s got an infectious build, despite the dour subject matter, one that sticks with you well past its four minute and thirty-six second run time.

All of this is helped by the pretty harmonies and memorable bassline that make the song what it is. These two elements balance the song somewhere between pretty and anxiety-inducing, like a pop song and a dirge rolled into one. The confusion of post-breakup life is an unsettling experience that must be romanticized to be endured and “Windows” approaches its subject matter with this exact mindset. The only difference between “Windows” and your last breakup is the synth-backed outro. At least, I assume so.

If you’re a fan of Angel Olson, Mitski, or Lizzie’s prior work with TEEN, this is a no-brainer. Check her out immediately and thank me later.

“Window” is out June 22nd through EggHunt Records.

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