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REVIEW: Maisie Peters and James Bay duet in epic love song, ‘Funeral’

All the other love songs can go home because Maisie Peters has put every all-consuming, gut-wrenching, gorgeous feeling into this one song.

‘Funeral’ is the first release from the upcoming soundtrack to the Apple TV original “Trying: Season 2”. In addition to James Bay’s feature on ‘Funeral,' the soundtrack also contains collaborations with Brit Award’s 2021 Rising Star winner, Griff, and folk-rock band Bear’s Den. With all nine tracks written by Maisie herself, the 20-year-old makes history as the youngest solo artist to write and curate an entire soundtrack. She also broke the record for shortest amount of time I have been brought to tears in.

From the opening notes of James Bay’s euphonious vocals, I knew this one was going to tug at my heartstrings. The way that both Bay and Peters’ voices meld is so captivating, it’s like they were born to sing together.

In classic soundtrack fashion, ‘Funeral’ immerses your imagination into a fictitious world and bursts into a cinematic chorus. It feels like speeding down the motorway at midnight, surrounded by sparkling city lights; it feels like running through the airport crowd to greet the person you love; it feels like kissing in the pouring rain. It captures the feeling of undying and unconditional love so perfectly. If you wouldn’t “call off the whole damn funeral because our love is so damn beautiful” then I don’t want it.

Maisie Peter's songwriting is constantly surprising me; from delightfully petty pop tunes to harrowing ballads, it seems as though there’s nothing she can’t do.

‘Funeral’ is available now on all streaming platforms, and the full soundtrack will be released May 21st.

Caitlin Taff is a writer and Taylor Swift enthusiast from Sheffield, UK. Her love of writing was inspired by obsessing over Fall Out Boy's lyricism in her teens, and she spends most of her time in a nostalgic haze watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @caitlintxff.

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