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REVIEW: "Miserable," the newest single from The Super Late Night

This is cinematic. A song made to be played loud enough to blow the speakers in your car out as you drive down a rain-slicked road. The Super Late Night has this way of making all these feelings bubble up inside you in a way you can’t get away from, and you don’t want to. TSLN has gone from strength to strength with every release and ‘Miserable’ is the latest iteration of how much he has continued to learn and grow.

Since his last release, ‘Even If I’m Right’, TSLN has been busy not only making emo bangers, but making a name for himself on TikTok and racking up 100K followers and half a million likes in a singular month. It’s been wonderful seeing his content get better and bigger, with each new unlikely song mashup being more of a belter than the last, and the praise he’s been rightly receiving off the back of it. Praise has come from the likes of Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, and Imagine Dragons, which I’m certain will mean there’s more amazing things in the pipeline for TSLN (as there should be).

From the TikTok content, to his own music, you can see how much time and care has been put into everything and ‘Miserable’ is no exception. It’s taken many forms over the years and now it is at it’s best.

‘Miserable’ is a perfect amalgamation of synth, pop, sadness, and love. On the song, TSLN says: “’Miserable’ is a love affair with sadness, it’s about greeting misery like an old friend. We all experience misery from time to time, and we all have different triggers and ways of dealing with it. But in the same way that we can be responsible for our own happiness, we can also be responsible for our own sadness in a lot of ways, and ultimately they’re just thoughts, and we’re not the walking embodiment of our own thoughts, they come and go, like people or things.”

It's tinged with moments of flashing, energetic, addictive pop against misery-inflicted lyrics that detail the reasons TSLN has felt sadness by his own hand: ‘Did I just see you getting picked up by someone else? / She doesn’t even look like you / But I still feel it coming through / A reason to be miserable again.’ ‘Miserable’ is a song that’ll make you feel understood, comforted, and wanting to scream along with all the passion you can muster.

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