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REVIEW: "pomposity," the vibrant new single from glaswegian rockers weekend debt

Weekend Debt aren't letting the doom and gloom of 2020 get them down, and they'll be damned if they don't try to keep you afloat with them. They are Grant, Calvin, Harvey, and Russell, who grew up on popular Scottish artists like The View and Paolo Nutini, and took inspiration from these bands for the way that they write - taking personal experiences from their daily lives and making them extraordinary. "Pomposity" is certainly no exception to that rule, and why would it be, seeing as it works so well?

If you were to listen to "Pomposity" immediately after listening to the rest of Weekend Debt's discography, you might wonder if you were still on the right Spotify page. On the tweak in their sound, Grant says, "It is great to be back in the studio after months away and it is a fresh sound we are pursuing, which has spent time evolving in the covid stricken background." No matter their style, Weekend Debt are without a doubt a breath of fresh air.

According to the band, "Our latest single, 'Pomposity,' is a song that reflects on past situations and returning to the same relationship that I know I shouldn’t get involved with. Dwelling on these old scenarios can often be a bad thing, but the song tries to look at it in a positive way and poke fun at the feelings I had in that time." It's a fun (and relatable, phew) listen, self-aware (the lyric that gets me every listen is "I'll never love someone as cool as you") and oh-so-catchy. The shifts in rhythm throughout the song keep you on your toes. The last pre-chorus builds with chants of "want you to come to me when you're feeling lonely," before the song explodes into riff on riff of face-melting guitar. There's nothing about this song that's not to love.

2020 was meant to be an exceptionally memorable year for Weekend Debt, having lined up several festival slots, but unfortunately, like many bands this year, this wasn't the case in the end. They continue to persevere, however, writing song after song and maintaining their drive to create and expand their listenership.

Weekend Debt can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Their back catalog is as exceptional as "Pomposity," so I would highly recommend diving into that. Keep an eye on them - they're sure to fully blow up within the next year! And check out this track - alongside some of the other new releases today - on our New Arrivals playlist.

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