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REVIEW: "Pray," the newest track from Toronto-based band Ready the Prince

"Pray" is the latest release from Toronto rock duo Ready the Prince, which consists of members Steve DiCiantis (vocals, bass) and Dan Prada (guitar). It follows their comeback last year with track "Regicide," which was their first release since 2019. "Pray" is a track that speaks of a struggle with mental health, and pushing you towards healing from it.

"Pray" is a track that, to me, speaks of the loneliness many of us felt over this winter, with the addition of quarantine on top of it. It speaks of pain and of finding strength to heal within that pain, the strength to carry yourself through it.

"I tried running but I can’t get off my feet / A mockery in the streets / Time stolen all my life spent on the feed / Likes tweets just why I forget to speak." The opening verses to me are speaking about feeling lost, lonely, hopeless. Winter and quarantine has left many of us in a dark place mentally, with no place to go, nobody to physically turn to. It's hard to feel like you're doing anything productive when all your time is spent staring at screens, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…What do you say when all you feel is nothing? Life on a screen often can't translate to anything that feels tangible and actually exciting, and with quarantine, those feelings have been amplified by a hundred. It's a hard situation to carry alone.

"Go and save yourself / And pray like hell / I know you’re not giving up tonight." There's hope found in this track, amongst the darkness, and it's found in these lines. The narrator knows you have the strength to pull yourself out of the darkness, through faith and your own power, which is true. We all have the strength we need to make ourselves feel better again — finding it is the tricky part.

"I thought it all through / But I’m riding on too much to let it off / I wanna stay true / But you know I can’t lose what I’m leaning on / Just gotta stick through it" You can't give up when things get hard, you gotta keep going. Humans are very resilient creatures, and they can get through anything. Getting through the woods is the first part of the journey, healing and thriving is what comes afterwards.

Overall, this track is fantastic. Ready the Prince songs have an emotional vulnerability to them, a personal touch to them, that I really love. They don't disappoint, and I can't wait to hear whatever they put out next.

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