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REVIEW: "rosy cheeks," the new single from london-based band lock-in

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

2020 truly has been the year of the guitar band (despite, you know, the apocalypse and whatnot), and Lock-In's latest contribution to the revival, "Rosy Cheeks," is insanely fun, but its sound is a bit deceiving.

The follow-up to their debut single "Teenager" is, in part, about the heartbreaking reality of failed romance. On the single, lead singer Benjy explains: "‘Rosy Cheeks’ was the first song we finished as a group and thought 'WOW this sounds like a real song!'. Patrick, our lead guitarist, had the melody since he was 15 but we finished it up as a group in my tiny spare room late last year. There's no personal, romantic narrative behind the track for us but I guess we've all been in and out of love and experienced how that feels - we'll leave it down to the listener to interpret the song in their own way!"

Lock-In should absolutely be on everyone's radar. So many young bands who've formed in the past couple of years are starting to push through to the surface, and this quintet deserve to be right there at the heard of the charge. They've spent the early stages of the band's life playing gigs and amassing a loyal fanbase, who were more than thrilled when "Teenager" was released on streaming platforms in September. "Rosy Cheeks" is sure to be on repeat in my house for the foreseeable future. Lock-In can be found on Twitter and Instagram, and their music - including this newest release - can be stream on Spotify and Apple Music!

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