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REVIEW: "sleep walker," the new, nostalgic single from bedroom / boredom

"Sleep Walker" is a song that masterfully ebbs and flows, making perfect use of giving everything the band has all at once and then stripping it entirely back to its bare bones. It leaves you on tenterhooks, waiting to see where they’ll go next, where they’ll take this song full of atmospheric riffs and crooning vocals that are insanely unique.

By taking elements from indie rock and pop we’re all familiar with, but turning them on their heads, Bedroom / Boredom have crafted this fresh and innovative sound that is easily identifiable as them. This release could have easily found the Surrey and London based four-piece erring on the muddy, intangible side of a song as anthemic as "Sleep Walker," but somehow, they’ve made it work. It gives each element and member of the band their chance to stand out, from lyrics, vocals, trumpets and everything in between.

It makes you nostalgic for those lazy, summer days spent alongside someone you love. For those times where the day feels endless and carefree.

This release has cemented the fact that Bedroom / Boredom are a band to be keeping an eye on as there’s no telling where they’ll go next with a stacked musical-arsenal at their feet. They can be kept up with on Twitter and Instagram.

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