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REVIEW: "stardog," the latest release from tiktok legends, the rills

To say that The Rills' path to success has been anything but ordinary would, in my opinion, be an understatement. It's not every year that a band uses their platform on an app dedicated to making 60-second-or-less videos and whose algorithm grows more and more mysterious with each passing day to form a relationship with their fans and to help new fans find them, but here we are. The band have been pretty steadily gaining followers on TikTok since the beginning of lockdown, using its users' very specific sense of humor to curate content that makes sense for them, as an indie band in 2020, to be making. It's a genius technique, really - you get your music out there and you get to connect with people in an unconventional way- and I don't think any other band is really capitalizing on TikTok as well as The Rills are, or as well as they should be.

Their sound has changed quite a bit since they released their first single, "Us & Them," in 2017, but it seems that they've used the last three years to learn and work on exactly what they're supposed to sound like. "Stardog," their latest release, is about a character named The Stardog who is, according to lead singer Mitch Spencer, "an amalgamation of the small town dealers that I knew growing up in Lincoln.” It's a raucous tune about escaping what he believes to be a boring life, and it's nearly impossible to take off repeat. The Rills are not a band you're going to want to lose track of - they're going to climb sky-high, and soon.

The Rills can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. "Stardog" can be streamed on our "In Rotation" playlist, and will be included in our end of the week update of our "Weekly Roundup" playlist!

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