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REVIEW: the latest track from southampton's the manatees, "know you"

The Manatees are following up the success of their last release, "Have It All," with a new track titled "Know You." It's about as different as you can get to "Have It All," but it's absolutely fantastic in its own right.

The beat that runs throughout the entire song is impossible to lose track of. It mirrors perfectly the opaque, leaden lyrics, reflecting the mesage of "Know You" - so different from the message of "Have It All" - as one that exhibits the yearning at the beginning of romantic relationships.

On the track, the band said, "‘Know You’ reveals a side to our music that hasn’t been shown before and we believe it’s another big step up in our songwriting. It’s dark, desperate and explores a fanciful desire for romance." If this is the direction their music is heading, I genuinely think they'll soon be unstoppable and - hopefully - playing gigantic headlining gigs.

The Manatees can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Keep up with them to see what else they have up their sleeves - they're genuinely one of the bands that excite me the most right now!

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