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REVIEW: The Luka State's "Fall In Fall Out"

Do you like British Indie titans The Arctic Monkeys and The Amazons? Do you like singing anthemic songs at the top of your lungs whilst maybe driving a bit too fast? Then the debut album by Cheshire-based The Luka State is for you.

A long time coming - 8 years to be exact - Fall In Fall Out is well worth the wait. The title track is tailor-made for long road trips down deserted highways. "[Insert Girl's Name Here]" is another standout; upbeat and catchy and meant to sing out loud in a field with strangers.

The opening track, "Feel It," is already an on-repeat favorite.

Singer Conrad Ellis is at the top of his game here, along with the rest of the band. It’s obvious years of blood, sweat, tears, and giggling have gone into making an instant indie rock classic.

The Luka State have quickly set the bar for cracking albums this year. Fall in Fall out will get into your veins and never leave.

Catch The Luka State on tour in the UK this September. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @thelukastate.

Fall In Fall Out can be streamed on iTunes and Spotify and purchased from

Toni Bacon is a Louisiana native transplanted to Atlanta. She enjoys adding to her already large vinyl collection, reading about history, anthropology, and music, and watching college football. She has a degree in English literature and spends a good deal of time wondering who Jack the Ripper actually was.

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