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REVIEW: The Manatees are back with a new firecracker single, called "Naturally"

Their first new release since 2020, "Naturally" has only been out for a few days, but it's already cemented The Manatees as ones to keep an eye on in 2022.

The Manatees have been a Buzzkill favorite since the summer of 2020, when I first heard their song “Know You” and knew immediately that a) they would become one of my favorite bands, and b) they were in for an impressive career, once the mainstream caught wind of them. A perfect blend of ripping riffs and catchy lyrics, they’re a memorable band and I firmly believed they were destined to leave obscurity behind. I was devastated when it was announced back in 2021 that they would be tabling the project indefinitely - and equally as thrilled in early December, when they shared that they were making a comeback. I sincerely hope they're here to stay.

Like the rest of this band’s discography, “Naturally” is compulsively playable - there is nothing I want more after finishing a listen than to make sure it’s on repeat. Produced by Liverpool-based Tarek Musa (who has worked with acts like Gengahr and The Big Moon), the tune employs a funked-up bassline and infectious guitar riffs, which work together to make this song completely unforgettable. You'll almost certainly find yourself with this song stuck in your head.

In the chorus, the protagonist of our song pleads, “just give me the time that I need / and I’ll make you happy," and it's hard not to root for him. He's admitting life doesn't come as naturally to him as it may seem. The grit in vocalist Jay's voice as he belts this line directly contrasts the sultry tone he takes during the rest of the song, and it's jarring, but in the best way.

"Naturally" has been released ahead of the band's headlining tour, set to start the first of March with a sold out show in Bristol. If you get a chance, grab a ticket and head out to catch a show!

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