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REVIEW: The Ninth Wave give us our first taste of sophomore album with "Everything Will Be Fine"

Glaswegian gloom rockers The Ninth Wave released a new single last Friday, "Everything Will Be Fine," their first new release since their Unhappy Days! EP in November. This track is, in my opinion, something of a tour de force for the band. They've been honing their craft for a few years now and, with "Everything Will Be Fine," it seriously feels as if they've got their sound and their message balanced exactly as it should be.

"It’s a song about twisted optimism, self-reassurance and hope," singer Haydn Park-Patterson explains. "The overall message of the song seems fitting for the world that we’ve found ourselves in now. Like many of our songs, it has existed in various different incarnations. I wrote the first version of it in the summer of last year and it was originally intended to be a song for someone else’s comfort and reassurance. It was shelved until earlier this year, when I stripped it down and kept only the name of the song. It then became the twisted optimistic song that it is now after it was brought in, stripped down and rebuilt by us in the studio. It’s the happiest sounding song we’ve recorded."

The Ninth Wave's highly-anticipated second album is set for release some time in 2021. For now, stream their back catalogue - including this new single, which can be found on our Weekly Roundup playlist on Spotify. The Ninth Wave can be found on Twitter and Instagram. They recently announced their "Two Unique Experience Shows" tour, during which they'll play cities for two consecutive nights, giving attendants the opportunity to see them one night stripped back and acoustic, and the following full-band and heavier. If you're lucky enough to live in the UK, get your tickets to see them now.

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