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REVIEW: The Pale White hit hard with newest release, "Glue"

Since their inception in 2015, the Newcastle trio, composed of Adam and Jack Hope and Tom Booth, have been going from strength to strength. From touring with acts like Twin Atlantic and The Amazons, to releasing two stellar EPs, The Pale White have decidedly made a name for themselves in the British indie rock scene.

Their latest single, "Glue," shows them in their true form: Adam Hope’s powerful vocals bring to life the incredible rifts laid down by drummer Jack and bassist Tom.

Lyrically, Glue could be an anthem for the topsy turvy year that has been 2020: “When life gives you limes / Lemonade is something to die for.”

"Glue" is a metaphor for what drives, what we obsess over. Here’s hoping that 2021 will drive The Pale White into more ears, and onto bigger and better things.

Glue is available to steam on all major music platforms. The Pale White can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Toni Bacon is a Louisiana native transplanted to Atlanta. She enjoys adding to her already large vinyl collection, reading about history, anthropology, and music, and watching college football. She has a degree in English literature and spends a good deal of time wondering who Jack the Ripper actually was.

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