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REVIEW: the super late night releases newest track, "mess"

"Mess" has taken the top spot as my favourite release from Manchester based, one-man-band-and-producer extraordinaire, The Super Late Night. It reveals yet another facet to the genre-defying artist TSLN is turning out to be. In this single, we are presented with alt-rock and pop-punk influences left, right, and centre, with raw guitars, punchy drums, and emotion-fueled lyrics about a breakup that will have you screaming along with a middle finger up.

Dubbed as the ‘alt-rock antidote for those post-breakup blues,’ TSLN had this to say about the track: “I tried to be careful not to come across like too much of a victim when I was writing this, the song is clearly about the aftermath of a messy relationship, and though at the time I was frustrated, as the song developed it felt more like an anthem of empowerment than a ‘woe, is me’ tune. It’s more about addressing the situation and moving on, but I still wanted the arrangement to feel somewhat ‘Messy’ hence the feel changes and dirty guitars.”

The lyrics are candid as can be, which only add to the pop punk influences on the track, and detail everything from being egged on by friends to get a tattoo the partner isn’t sure on to growing to hate ‘the way you talk and everything you say.’ This backed with the insatiable, high-intensity musical landscape, has meant TSLN has knocked it out of the part with "Mess."

Keep an eye on The Super Late Night, it won’t be long before he gets his big break. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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