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REVIEW: The Super Late Night's special new track, "Even if I'm Right"

Released via Homefire Recording Co., The Super Late Night is back with fifth single ‘Even If I’m Right.’ This is a special one for Lou of TSLN, and you can hear just how much time and love has been poured into this song, as well as how he speaks about this release. I joined an Instagram live where Lou very kindly leaked the single to us all there and it was so refreshing to hear how genuine he is in his love for all the support he’s rightly receiving and how much he loves his music.

The song itself takes us down another avenue we had yet to see when it comes to TSLN. It is an emo pop anthem that doesn’t shy away from use of synth to really tug at your emotions. Also featured are elements from those 90s boy band ballads we all still hold dear married with the honesty of modern pop songs and epic drums seen in previous releases.

Lyrically, Lou says, "“Even If I’m Right" is one of the realest, straight-from-the-heart pieces of music I’ve ever written, it takes me to a very significant moment in my life. It's about fighting with loved ones, stubbornness, and the grey area between solutions, conclusions, and compromises. The hook is purposefully tongue-in-cheek because that space exists for everyone, but overall, it’s about choosing to be empathetic over being correct.” They feel, to me, like if The 1975 had released their own version of "The Only Exception" by Paramore as he opens the song with, ‘I saw my mum cry once / And it wasn’t easy to watch.’

Vocally, this surpasses his other releases as the emotionally frustration he feels pushes his voice to new heights. It’s rousing in such a way that you can’t help but close your eyes and feel for the full four minutes.

With each release, we get to see TSLN establish his sound in his own eclectic right and it is an amazing thing to watch.

The Super Late Night can be found on Twitter and Instagram. His music can be streamed wherever you listen to music!

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