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REVIEW: TV People release their long-awaited debut EP, "Nothing More"

I was first introduced to Dublin up-and-comers TV People last summer, when their single "Kitchen Sinking" landed on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. I was still relatively new to the scene, still unaware of many of the bands that make said scene so special, and they were one of the first to make me realize that there's so much more music to be found outside of what I typically gravitate toward.

Since then, I've been keeping my eye on TV People, eagerly anticipating their first full-ish-length release, and now it's finally here.

The first track, "Shallow Minds," is a brand-new track from the band. The band have stated that this one is about losing a friend as a result of divergent paths, to the point where this person becomes nearly unrecognizable to you. The emotion in this track is uniquely palpable.

Aforementioned "Kitchen Sinking" is still one of my favorite songs of all time. I feel like TV People couldn't have relaunched their career in a stronger way - they really announced themselves as a band to watch, with a sound that felt familiar and brand new at the same time. "Nothing More" as a whole follows that same

Altogether, I consider "Nothing More" to be one of the most cohesive debuts I've ever heard. I have to hand it to TV People - it hasn't been easy over the last year and a half, especially for new bands, but they managed to capture and keep attention, having recorded a lot of their releases at the start of the pandemic, prepared to release them throughout. They just make fantastic music that's easy to listen to, while at the same time being necessarily thought-provoking. I'm really, really excited to see what else is to come from them.

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