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REVIEW: Twin Atlantic release newest, unexpected firestarter of a single, "One Man Party"

Anything you’re expecting from a Twin Atlantic single will be instantly blown out of the water with "One Man Party." Previous single, "Bang on the Gong," was already a surprise and has divided listeners (personally, I love it, but it did take a few listens for me to get fully on board). I can tell that this is the era where Twin are going to break free from everything we once knew about them and kick it in the balls by showing us the other facets to their personality.

It starts with an almost 8-bit sounding music – like a game of Tetris or Pac-Man is about to begin, and we hear lead singer, Sam McTrusty, start the first of a few spoken-word verses. It immediately throws you off kilter as it’s a formula that’s not been heard much from them before, but it’s irresistible to not continue listening as he tells us: “Live a little / Come a little closer.”

The choruses are where we get to hear this updated side of Twin Atlantic in true form as it threatens to blow out your speakers and get you dancing like you’re a teenager in detention in the 80s. They ramp up throughout the song, spliced with a few more speak-sing sessions from McTrusty, painting for us sickly-sweet images: “Block of ice living on beaches / Georgia without no peaches.” These are the crux of the song, the juxtaposing lyrics, which display the difference between McTrusty’s on- and off-stage persona.

It ends abruptly with the last lyrics we hear being “Nice to meet ya split personality,” which is a stark contrast to the beginning of the song. Each decision made throughout feels calculated and of purpose in such a way that it is a joy to listen to. Nothing is out of place.

One Man Party is meant to shock and contradict itself, and it feels like it shouldn’t work, but it does. Twin Atlantic know what they’re doing and once you realise you’re meant to be thrown for a loop, you’ll be unable to resist not having this song on repeat.

Twin Atlantic can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Their discography can be streamed wherever you listen to music.

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