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REVIEW: "When Nobody's Around," the relatable new track from Tally Spear

Making herself known for bass-heavy, dark-dance-pop, this latest release for London-based Tally Spear marks another notch in her belt. “When Nobody’s Around” takes influence from EDM, with aforementioned bass and use of drops spliced throughout the track, but it’s spun with the scuzzy underbelly of her own dark-pop stylings. What emerges is this ethereal, otherworldly, and catchy exploration of life as we now know it.

Spear says of the song: “I wrote this track over Zoom during lockdown with my close friend, artist and producer Ro Nova. I recorded the vocals at home; sang them over instrumentals of the track she put together from her home. The song is essentially about living each day in the new life we found ourselves in while dealing with COVID19 – seeing the same things over and over, lacking direction. I think most people in the world will be able to relate to this song in some way.”

This shines through with the repetition that features throughout: the lyrics, the beats, the bass, and speaks to the monotony we have all been faced with during the pandemic. Life, for most of us, came to a standstill and we found ourselves coming up with ways to cope, such as when she sings: ‘Dreaming keeps me hiding from the day / Breathing, the only thing that’s free / I gotta keep it close,’ and ‘Watching shadows / Just to pass the time / The sun keeps shining / But I stay inside.’

Tally Spear can be found on Twitter and Instagram, and her music can be streamed on any of your preferred platforms!

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