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SINGLE REVIEW + ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT: circa waves release first single from upcoming album 'sad happy'

it seems circa waves have been busy.

according to the band, between touring and ‘running around’ for festival appearances this entire year - on the heels of my favorite album of theirs, what’s it like over there? - they’ve been ducking in and out of the studio to record their ‘best album yet.’ not wanting to keep us waiting (thank you, lads!), their fourth record will, in an unexpected turn of events, come less than a year after their third. while most people would worry that this could burn a band out, i’m willing to believe it’s simply because circa waves have a fire burning in their souls that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

the album is called sad happy, a double sided record with one side (you guessed it) happy, the other (yep, again) sad, and it’ll be out the 13th of march. in the meantime, you can preorder it to gain access to presale for their upcoming uk headlining tour, which kicks off in glasgow on march 27th, and you can also listen to their new single “jacqueline.” 

circa waves have consistently impressed me; i first started listening to them in 2016, when “t-shirt weather” graced one of my spotify daily mixes, and i’ve been hooked ever since. 2017′s different creatures showed us a different side of circa waves, and 2019′s what’s it like over there? gave us almost the perfect balance between their first two records, guitar pop with an edge that you can’t help but let draw you in.

“jacqueline” is evolutionary - it’s an anthemic, heartening, vibrant tune, one which culminates in what seems to be a mantra which could potentially define the whole album: “the good times, well they’re coming ‘round the bend.” it is without a doubt a defining moment in circa waves’s discography.

“jacqueline” is a love song, which, if taken at face value, is aimed toward a modern woman named jacqueline whose worries seem to stem from the past:

so jacqueline, when you’re sleep deprived you see through your mother’s eyes and all of the things she knew so don’t listen to anyone between you and the setting sun you’re doing the best you can do

the track is about pulling your own self up when you’re down, and if it’s any indication of how magnificent the album is going to be, i’m looking forward to it even more than i already was. circa waves can be found on twitter, instagram, and facebook, and here is that link to preorder/presave sad | happy one more time. 

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