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SINGLE REVIEW: "backyard wrestling," the newest single from voodoo bandits

The latest in a string of outstanding singles from surf-rock band Voodoo Bandits, "Backyard Wrestling" is just as electrifying - if not moreso - than their previous releases. It starts with the sound of a casette being loaded into a tape deck and played, the click a nostalgic addition to the song. It does a good job of grounding the listener, especially when you're listening on repeat - sometimes it's easy to lose track of what's the beginning and what's the end of a song, but this helps to understand where the story starts and stops.

"Backyard Wrestling" is an escapist's dream - I resonate so much with (what I assume to be) the song's theme of growing older and needing to grow up, but being resistant to it. This song is proof that you can have one foot on both sides of the fence: you can grow up, and still stay true to your youth. You can love the things you loved when you were young, no matter how much older you get. It is, however, often difficult to come to terms with the fact that you need to grow up. I think we all know just what that feels like - but I think we also know what it feels like to lay in the sun, pretend to forget your responsibilities, and float away.

This song is a summertime track for sure. The upbeat guitars and synth, alongside the fast-paced lyrics, make it easy to imagine oneself walking on a pier, or in a backyard with some friends, or even out on a boat, enjoying that strange feeling summer still comes with, even after you're done with school - it still feels like time stands still as soon as the weather gets warmer. It still feels like we should all drop everything we're doing and steal as much fun as we can.

Voodoo Bandits are quickly proving with each incredible release that they're unstoppably fun, and not to be overlooked. I'm eager to see what else this band has in store, for the rest of 2020 and beyond - and it's safe to say I'll be jamming to "Backyard Wrestling" for weeks to come. Voodoo Bandits can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Bandcamp. Their music can be streamed anywhere you listen to music.

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