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SINGLE REVIEW: bloxx release newest single off their debut album, titled "lie out loud"

One of my favorite up-and-coming indie bands from the UK, BLOXX have graced us with another larger-than-life song. "Lie Out Loud" is incredibly fun guitar music about relatable relationship turmoil. BLOXX are very good at this - turning very isolating experiences into songs that everyone can find themselves in. I truly wish that festival season wasn't effectively cancelled this year because this song will go off live no matter what, but in a field in the hot August sun? Count me in, I'd be there.

Lie Out Loud is due out the 14th of August (same day as Sea Girls and Marsicans - it'll be like indie Christmas!) and is available to presave and preorder now.

Although there's no room in a pandemic-induced lockdown for live shows, be sure to follow BLOXX on Twitter and Instagram because it seems like they've always got something going on! Fee goes live on Instagram all the time, and they've been doing everything from streaming on Twitch and going live with Murph from The Wombats for BandsInTown lately. You won't want to miss whatever they do next!

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