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SINGLE REVIEW + INTERVIEW: catch up with philly's sleep house + the release of 'stephanie'

"Stephanie," the newest single from Philadelphia pop rock outfit Sleep House, is an electric, emphatic ballad , an ode to the memory of a lover. Everything Sleep House releases is lush and guitar-driven in the best way, and this track is no different. It's uncomplicated and unwavering and filled to the brim with inspiration from artists like The Strokes, John Mayer, and The Beatles, acts the band all look up to.

I caught up with the band earlier this week ahead of the release of their newest single. Check out everything they had to say below!

How would you describe your music to anyone who’s never heard of you before? It’s kind of hard to explain exactly what we are since we keep trying to change that up and do whatever inspires us in the moment but I’d say, generally, we are a mix of Indie Rock and a slower Pop sound.

When was the first time you really realized music was what you wanted to eat/sleep/breathe for the rest of your life?

All of us grew up with music all around our households as children and we all started playing music at a very young age so we all just shared that crave for playing and creating music, which is why I think we all clicked so well from the beginning.

Who did you grow up listening to? And what (or who) would you say has had the biggest influence on your music?

We all grew up loving the Beatles and that still really connects us, our love for them. Personally, growing up and hearing a lot of John Mayer in the car with my Mom really inspired me. I knew I wanted to play like him and make music like him at a super young age and I think all of our different and similar inspirations in music mix together to make whatever you’d consider our music to be.

Who are some artists making music today that excite you?

A lot of the bands we’ve come to know after playing shows for these past few years, like Courier Club and Hate Drugs for example, have been some artists that we love to listen to in the studio. It’s really cool to know these artists personally that make the coolest music.

Who would be the absolute dream to play the same stage as?

We would probably die to play with the Strokes, that would be the ultimate dream.

I’m a big believer in the fact that in order to be able to make beautiful art (which you do), you have to consume beautiful art of all mediums. What’s your favorite book (or two or three) you’ve read in the past year? Your favorite film?

I recently read a book called The History of Love that inspired me a lot. We also all really liked Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, just the music in that film alone was super attractive to us.

Sleep House can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and their website. They've just released a beautiful new crewneck that's available for purchase alongside their logo tee. Their newest single, "Stephanie," can be streamed anywhere you listen to music.

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