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SINGLE REVIEW: joji tugs at the heartstrings with new ballad “run”

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

For three minutes and fifteen seconds straight, Joji tugs vehemently at our heartstrings with his first release of 2020, “Run”. The melodic, classic rock-influenced ballad, released February 6th via 88rising, is somewhat of a new turn for the enigmatic Japanese-Australian artist— while simultaneously remaining uniquely Joji.

Accompanied by a music video directed by Aisultan Seitov, “Run” opens with a gentle, plucky guitar that builds beautifully with thick bass rhythms, complemented perfectly by Joji’s falsetto as it weaves in and out of haunting, atmospheric synths, before closing out with an intense, climax of emotions in the form of a chilling guitar-solo. Throughout the guitar-driven track, it’s Joji’s powerful vocal performance that steals the spotlight and highlights his extraordinary range and undeniable growth as an artist.

Joji’s music has a distinctive way of enveloping you in very specific emotions, and “Run” is certainly no exception. The icy, mellow track’s lyrical content reminisces about still having feelings for someone who has already moved on— and, in classic Joji style, it can easily put listeners’ right in their feelings, all while nodding along to the beat of the devastating bop.

With a nod to Joji’s 2019 release, “Sanctuary” at the end of the music video and even a hint towards the possibility of a Joji cinematic universe— “Run” serves as the perfect, cryptic tease for what is yet to come from the 88rising mainstay’s highly anticipated, forthcoming sophomore album.

Fans can catch Joji at Coachella 2020 in April. “Run” is available to stream on all major platforms now, and you can watch the music video directed by Aisultan Seitov below:

Katy Mairs is a writer, content creator, and self-confessed Brockhampton enthusiast from Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @und0milk.

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